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Fandamonium is a baseball novel. The main characters are Madison (Yankee fan) and Trey (Sox fan). They try to stay together as a couple in spite of - or maybe because of - their teams.

Consider reading this page just like warming up
in the bullpen, or tossing the ball around the infield

In order to tell the story the way it needed to be told for maximum effect, we need to manipulate reality. The best way to manipulate reality is to create one that suits the story. Actual events serve as a starting point for Fandamonium's alternate reality and while characters, players, and events may at times seem random, we assure you that everything means something. There are larger patterns and meaning in the most mundane and prosaic of names, locations and events. Try and find the links in Fandamonium's world to the real world and figure out how they relate. Go ahead, dig and take a big swing from the heels at figuring it out; some of it is apparent or obvious and some of it requires thought. If you think you've figured something out drop us a line and let us know what you think.

For the record, we are not even sure what it all means, all we know is that there's a lot in there above and beyond what is in there, if that makes any sense.

At its heart, Fandamonium is about Trey and Madison and the intense and surreal world they inhabit and all it embodies: Yankees, Red Sox, New York City, Boston, The Nation and The Universe, and story like this is complere without the Bleacher Creatures.

This story represents a novel approach to creating a fantasy based on facts from a fictional world got that?

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