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Welcome Red Sox Fans

If you are viewing this part of the website, for all intents and purposes, you are in Boston, specifically in Fenway Park. This site is split into two sections, this part here in Boston and the part over
in the Bronx, where the Yankees Suck.

If you want to join or are already a part of the Nation, one Nation under Pesky with Yastremski and Papi for All,
then this is your place.

If you made it here and remain interested, click here to learn more about a real Sox fan. Why should you care? Because we are not Yankee fans here in Boston.

God Fines Steinbrenner
To anyone who followed
his career in or was aware
simply aware of his presence
it's no surprise "The Boss"
can still roar in the afterlife.
And spend.

Secret Yankee Fans
In History Exposed!

They are out there walking
among us. They have always
been there…waiting…watching…
gloating… They are the
famous Yankee fans of history

We Have Seen the
Future & the Future Is Us!

Coming soon, one nation
wearing Red Sox.
Pledge your allegiance!

Sox Fans In History
Come Clean

Little known Sox fans
finally get their due and
wash away centuries of
Yankee imperialism to
reveal their true colors

You Have the Right
to Remain Red Sox Fans

And you have a lot of other
rights, too. Exercise them
by reviewing the
Sox fan Bill of Rights.

Yankees Suck &
They're Funny, Too!

Regardless of the
pinstriped posturing over
pride, the Yankees are
funny. Not in the laughing
with them sense, more
in the laughing at them sense

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