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Hey, Yankee fans. You can't have 1918 without 2090, or so it seemed.

All Yankee fans know the story behind the 1918 chant. After 2004, several Yankee fans started a campaign to make “2090” the new “1918” and register their contempt while reminding Sox fans they had to wait 86 years for another championship. The Colorado Rockies scuttled the plan by dropping the ball in 2007, but hope now rests on “2093.”

So, that's where it stands now, in 2093, the next time the Sox will win the World Series; 86 years from 2007.

As beloved as "1918" was, it is very easy to embrace the optimistic nihilism of "2093".

It manages to eloquently and simultaneously demonstrate Yankee fan's acceptance of reality, disdain for "them", and faith in
the Bronx Bombers.

It illustrates classic New York resilience in strutting past any obstacle with pride and purpose intact, regardless of the affront to
any sensibilities.

The very definition of the local fan's sports bar sits across from the bleachers at Yankee Stadium: Stan's.

Years ago they offered "1918" t-shirts and hats for fans, friends, and family. After the dust settled in 2004 they updated their inventory for opening day 2005. Stan's had a line of "2090" gear immediately available for purchase. That's Yankee and that's New York.

After 86 years the Red Sox finally won a World Series. What did the Yankees do? They got over it. Team and fans looked at their loss and resolved to ignore the unfortunate turn of events. They moved on to the next season continually trying to better the team and return to championship form.

If Boston had lost again in 2004 the egg-headed literary Red Sox types would have written three hundred more books about poetic angst and reveled in their misery, HBO would have made another pathetic documentary, Stephen King would have had something scary brilliant to say along with inane ramblings from Red Sox scholar Ben Affleck. Oh, and they all would have ceaselessly chanted "Yankees Suck."

Let's revive the chant and make “2090” (the original update of “1918”) into “2093.”

"2093" can be both dismissive to the Sox and inclusive for the Yanks, reaffirming inherent New York superiority while reminding friends up in Fenway of their destiny. Yes, history most definitely repeats itself.

Unlike "1918," which finds its roots in history, “2093”stands as a timely homage to a future as certain as a recent particular eighty-six stretch for those same friends from New England will recognize.

"2093" is a countdown. Unlike the excitement and payoff generated by the countdown to a Space Shuttle launch or the ball drop on New Year's Eve in Times Square , "2093"is a countdown that actually seems to get longer as it winds down.

"2093" is, of course, not a certainty; well, the arrival of the year itself in the sequentially numeric sense of time seems a safe bet, but the likelihood that it coincides with a Red Sox World Championship stands as the great uncertainty.

It could be a misguided notion, but in terms of World Series past, it seems logical to assume 2007 will start to feel a lot father away for Sox fans then 2000 feels for Yankee fans as the years advance.

There is no uncertainty in Yankee fans: the team either wins the World Series or does not. In terms of comprehension, winning the World Series is pretty clear, as is losing the World Series. If the Yankees are eliminated by the Indians in the playoffs or don't make the post season they obviously did not win the World Series. See? It's actually very clear.

If the Red Sox do not win the World Series, they have not only lost a game, they have lost hope, introduced doubt, fans turn on players, players turn on management, and management blunders into the off season.

If Sox fans are to assume that "2093" represents something to look forward to, their predisposition to successfully locate and latch onto the dark side of every situation assures that every year that passes without a championship since 2007 only reinforces the doubt about their possible future. A World Series in, say, 2016, proves the 2090 theory invalid, but as the years without a championship accumulate, the pressure to deliver will make"2093" as painful and unpleasant a chant as "1918."

"2093" is all about the future: Yankees and Red Sox. Take a second to ponder the thrill of passing along the chant and its inherent magic to grandchildren as it grows in stature every year. Now, take another second to think and smile about those same grandchildren as they pass along the legend of the chant to great-grandchildren. Think of "2093" as an emotional annuity for Yankee fans.

Establish the future now, in 2093 fans can get a head start for the next Sox world championship and begin the "2179"chant.

It's likely they will have robot fans from MIT or freeze dried super liberals from Cambridge thawed out for Sox home games by 2179, but rest assured some future Bleacher Creatures will carry on tradition with "2265."

There's a chance the Red Sox could win another title between now and 2093, but realistically the odds, fates, history, past performance, and karma indicate otherwise; the odds are in our favor.

If 2093 comes and goes without a World Series for the Sox, Yankee fans can opt to chant "20-oh-7" to renumber their battle cry to reflect 86 years and counting since the last Sox World Series title.

If the Sox somehow manage to blunder into another title before 2093 there may be an issue to deal with, but in the meantime, let's party like its 1918 going on 2093.

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