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In the long history of the rivalry there have been numerous defining
and momentous events. There have also been far more numerous
smaller moments filled with as much drama and fervor.

Read this regularly updated list of lesser known, but no less
compelling, unforgettable, unforgivable & fleeting moments

October 2009 Down is no longer up, left is no longer right, sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the Yankees are Champs
and the Red Sox are not; a full return to order is restored in the universe. Winning the World Series was the
obvious high point. The next best point in the season came when the AL East was clinched at home in the New Yankee Stadium against Red Sox. Back to normal. The Yanks do not need to win every year, moving forward
any combination of Yankees winning the World Series and the Red Sox not winning the World Series maintains
status quo. Nothing more to say except, 2093.

October 2004

The mayor of Boston bans Fox Sports and News cameras from bars in Boston during the World Series to avoid potentially embarrassing situations and hopefully avoid the outright encouragement of dangerous and violent incidents. Where did Fox put their cameras to capture celebratory Sawx fans after the last out? Why, in New York City of course!

That's right, Fox broadcast live from a bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan! New York proves so diverse, foreigners from Beantown
are allowed to stake their own little claim, worship as they see fit, and practice their blasphemous religion free from the fear of
persecution. Can the same be said for Yankee fans in Boston? New York truly has everything, including a sizeable contingent of B cap wearing Hubsters free to partake in idolatry and pagan adoration live on national television deep in the heart of supposedly enemy
territory. The only live broadcast concerning Yankee fans you are likely to see beamed out of New England is a puritanical burning at the stake of some hapless Yankee fan that made the incorrect assumption that New England was still part of America and protected by free speech.
October 2003

Yanks finally admit they like the Evil Empire thing. An anonymous Yankee spokesman named George M. Steinbrenner stated, "Actually, it's kind of cool when you think about it!"

On a related note, the Red Sox reconsider their Star Wars related campaign: "Boston Red Sox: The Ewok's of Baseball!"

November 2004 Sox lose World Series trophy due to inexperience in dealing with Championships

December 2004

Red Sox apologize for not knowing how to act like Champions. An unnamed Sox player named Kevin Millar confesses, "Hey, this is all so new, nobody knew what to do. We thought we all had to act like sore winners, bad mouth our opponents, and make stuff up to be more interesting."

January 2005

No longer able to whine about their lack of a recent World Series victory, the world realizes Sox fans are no longer interesting in any way.

March 2005

The Red Sox announce that pitcher Curt Shilling's mouth is so big they are now using it to transport equipment to and from planes while traveling. The capacity of Schilling's mouth rivals that of the U.S. Air Force's C-141 Lockheed Starlifter.

Schilling's oral cavity can safely hold 70,000 pounds of equipment in the form of bats, gloves, pitching machines, uniforms, grounds crew equipment and scoreboards. If cargo is packed in palletized form, Schilling's massive orifice can accept an additional ten tons.

Normal mouths that range towards the large size can uncomfortably hold a baseball. Curt recently demonstrated the capacity of his
oversize maw by placing sixteen balls, eleven bats, a bat boy, ball girl, hitting tee, six gloves and his entire 1000 page manuscript "All Things Schilling: Volume 1 of Everything I Ever Said; Birth to Age 2" and his meister work "Ruminations on A Rod: How to Be A Sore
Winner" into his mouth.

An unnamed Yankee official (named Cashman) was quoted as saying, "Schilling's mouth is as big as a Starlifter? Funny, I thought it was bigger!"

Sox bookkeepers project Schilling's mouth will save the Sox countless thousands in shipping and transportation costs; however, Schilling has demanded the difference in cost savings be placed into escrow towards his campaign fund for a run at public office after retiring from baseball when he plans to run for Official Spokesman For Planet Earth.

April 2005

Library of Congress announces "Enough Already!' confirming that every possible prosaic, poetic, romantic, fanciful, imaginative, introspective, retrospective, pensive, thoughtful, evaluative, wistful, hopeful, soulful, witty, pretty, and wise word about the Red Sox, Fenway Park and Sox fans has been written. New York Senator Chuck Schumer announced a bill demanding a moratorium for ten years on writing about the Red Sox. The proposed legislation results in a writers and poets riot outside Fenway Park. The disturbance is quelled when police pepper the mob with dictionaries and thesauruses.

Opening Day Yankee Stadium 2005

To commemorate Curt Schilling's 2004 Game 6 ALCS performance, the Yankees are now serving ketchup in
special packets shaped like Schilling's infamous bloody sock. A Yankee spokesman stated that since the ketchup was good enough for Schilling's ankle, it's good enough for our hot dogs

September 2005

The Steinbrenner House of Urological Teamwork (SHOUT for short) at NYU Medical Center labors towards a pill based cure for IYS (Involuntary Yankees Suck) chanting that can be surreptitiously added to the New England water supply.

Spring Training 2006

Manny Ramirez traded to New York Mets, but stays with Sox since he does not understand he was traded. Sox give up trying to explain. Manny to start in left field for Sox.

Spring 2007

Breaking (and Deafening) News:: Schilling Says He'll Pitch in 2008 Season (and continue talking the rest of his life) Click here for the full details!

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