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The Yankees as a team or as individual players make as many appearances in print, on film, or TV as they have in the post season.

In this section, we take a closer look at pinstriped cameos across all forms of popular media.

Let's begin at the movies.


This little section is designed to showcase some Oscar worthy appearances in films both classic and crappy; cinematic brilliance as well as celluloid dreck only notable for pinstriped cameos.

Fever Pitch

Romantic comedy? This is a damn horror movie.
It should have been titled "A Nightmare on Lansdowne Street ."

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Pride of The Yankees

You know the story. The ultimate all time great Yankee movie.
Who cares how true it is: the main part - The Speech - actually happened and Gary Cooper is a great Lou Gehrig.

If you don't get choked up at the end of this film you can only be a bitter New Englanderů or a communist.

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A modern classic that humanizes legends. In an emotional sense, the heavy sentimentality actually enhances the power of this film. Besides the compelling dramatization of one of the greatest baseball stories of all time, what baseball fan is not stirred by the site of historic homeruns soaring out of a digital version of the classic Yankee Stadium? These sequences afford old timers a look back and current fans a chance to see what it all looked like back in the day.

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Anger Management

Yankee players, Yankee Stadium, Bob Sheppard, making fun of the Red Sox. This movie has it all and Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Best thing about this flick? Other than Sandler insulting Heather Graham while she sports a Red Sox bra, during the climactic sequence at Yankee Stadium the Yankees have cameos and funny lines while the Red Sox just stand around looking like the unpaid extras they probably were during filming.

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Bruce Almighty

Okay. Morgan Freeman as God posing as a janitor and wearing a Yankee cap in colors suggesting clouds. Yes, God is, was and always shall be a Yankee fan. Just remember, He or She wants us to learn about perseverance, faith and patience without whining, blaming or coveting thy neighbor's rings. And before any of you lost Red Sox fans reading this open your mouth, everybody knows God took 2004 off, Hell froze over and the Bambino let the insurance lapse on his curse.

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50 First Dates

They're called "throw-aways." Small, sometimes irrelevant scenes or jokes within a movie that are included as inside jokes or funny bits designed solely to get a laugh and not advance the plot. Aaron Boone and "that" homerun figure prominently in a montage every Yankee fan will award four balls.

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