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Yes, let's get that cleared up right away: the Yankee fan we're talking about
here is a a woman, a New Yorker from the Upper East Side. a life long, born
and bred, true blue (as opposed to Red Sox red) Yankee fan.

Her name is Madison and she is one of the stars of "Fandamonium".

She has been rooting for the Yanks from before she can even recall. While in utero, she would kick during Yankee rallies and after she was born she'd wail like the baby she was during losses to the Red Sox.

It all started with dad and to this day her father remains a "true" Yankee fan having maintained his loyalty and allegiance during the Horace Clark years and Bobby Murcer era straight up to Billy The Kid, Reggie and Thurm.

She is now in her mid-thirties and she doesn't recall anything from one rather notable day in Yankee and Red Sox history, but she was at Fenway Park for the Bucky Dent game. Dad somehow wrangled tickets and took her brother Charlie to the game as well, as he said, "To witness tragedy in the making."

As a matter of fact, dad also took Madison and Charlie to see the Boston Massacre in September, 1978; the four game sweep that culminated a stunning comeback and resulted in a tie for first place. She does not recollect much of that game either, but somewhere there are long lost photographs of the empty seats at Fenway to make fun of the Sox fans for leaving the games early because they could not handle their team being humiliated in their own house.

The family was at the Cathedral in the Bronx when Dave Righetti no hit the Sox in '84, striking out future Yankee World Champion Wade Boggs for the last out.

In '99, she missed the playoff game where the Yanks lost to Pedro; otherwise, she made it a point to attend all four Yankee victories and danced in the stands in Fenway behind the Yankee dugout after the Game 5 clincher for the Yanks.

In 2003, she was at Fenway for the infamous game where Pedro attacked Don Zimmer and fans descended on the Yankee bullpen; and still she watched the Yanks win!

She sat in the left field seats and watched Aaron Boone's pennant winning homerun land nineteen or eighteen rows in front of her at Yankee Stadium. She posses fond memories of her delirious celebration that began in Section 330 and ended at Mickey Mantle's on Central Park South.

At Yankee Stadium on July 1st, 2004, she was sitting right along the left field foul line in short left field (behind 3 rd base) when Derek Jeter came diving into the stands. She was only a few feet away and while still too far to help, instinctively lunged to catch him as he vaulted into the seats. She was watching the game with her Sox-loving boyfriend, Trey, at that game. Unfortunately, everyone spilled their beers all over Trey and two huge guys diving to catch Jeter knocked Trey right out of his seat. Let us reiterate that the guys who knocked Trey out of his seat were really huge. And they were Yankee fans. And Trey was wearing a Sox road jersey and B cap. Actually, the more one ponders the chain of events the more it seems to become apparent that they really weren't lunging to help Jeter as much as they were taking advantage of the confusion to pummel the closest Red Sox fan. The only person in that section who seemed appropriate was, in fact, Trey.

Madison attended the first three games of the 2004 ALCS. She missed the rest due to illness, but she knew what happened next, a historical anomaly at best with no need for further dissection or discussion.

You now know what you need to know about a real live fictional Yankee fan; one who has always been and always will be there for and with the Yanks.

She is not obsessed with her team and all things New York. Her boyfriend of numerous years is a Bostonian and a Red Sox fan, proving she is as open minded, liberal, and welcoming as her hometown and not a closed-minded provincial backwater citizen from a certain lobster-town in New England's basement, or living room, she can never remember which is correct.

She does not seek to convert Trey or badger him into Yankee induced submission. She only seeks to show him the other side, a better way: an option bathed in positively charged sustained history and not fleeting adoration of delusional masses, or the illusory prominence of success mistakenly bestowed by providence.

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