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Some Yankee fans make it to every Yankee and Red Sox game and miss their favorite chant.

This time, next time and for all time, keep 1918 alive.

Chant "1918" whenever the Red Sox come to town to play the Yanks.

Scream it. Wear it on t-shirts. Print it on banners.

Let's all kick in a few bucks each and hire skywriters to spell it out over The Stadium when they darken our city with their presence.

Chant "1918," not because Yankee fans are stupid and do not know their history.

Chant it because Yankee fans refuse to accept their history.

Chant "1918" because no matter how much the Yankees dominated the Sawx for decades and repeatedly proved their championship pedigree, they were greeted with the literate and scholarly crafted "Yankees Suck" chant.

Boston, a locale with so many institutions of higher learning should have been capable of spawning a more intellectual mantra.

Chant "1918" because it demonstrates a grasp of history as Yankee fans knew it and their current refusal to recognize an unworthy foe.

They chanted "Yankees Suck" when the Yanks clearly did not suck. Chant "1918" because they are still the Red Sox, and in some way it will always be 1918 for them in spite of 2 - yes 2 - good years.

Watch them as they navigate through the inevitable stumbles and missteps bound to occur over the course of every season: they blew it before and will blow it again; it's simply what they do.

Anything short of consecutive World Championships could mean the Curse has returned and continues to grow. Everybody enjoys when the New England press and the infamous Red Sox Nation spiral into hysteria when the Sawx hit the skids.

The simple truth is you don't shake almost nine decades of losing with two good years any more than one epic collapse (and honestly and most likely, the greatest collapse in sports history) defines the entire history of a team; the Yankee collapse happened and it was an anomaly as much as the Sawx victory was an anomaly.

The Yankees have earned respect and proven their mettle over and over again. As that collapse - especially at "their" hands - recedes into memory our awareness of the certainty that we will be back with as good or better chances to secure more championship grows with 2009 as teh case in point.

Chant “1918” because it signals our refusal to legitimize their hollow victory just like “Yankees Suck” refuses to acknowledge our
inherent greatness.

Let them revel in their profanity laden jingle; it only proves their primitive ability to grasp baseball history and fairly recent events. In 2004, they were the champions of the world and they could not have done it without us. They should be chanting "Thank You" instead of "Yankees Suck" since they owe it all to us.

Now they say we are equals. We are the farthest thing from equals.

Chant "1918" because of their unreasonable obsession with the Yanks. They win the World Series and six minutes after the final out, people are in front of Fenway chanting "Yankees Suck."

Chant "1918" because the Yankees will always be in their heads and our history laced intonation will drive them crazy. Chant it because they will whine Yankee fans have no business chanting it since it has become completely irrelevant. Real Yankee fans will know better, and deep inside they know better too; nothing has changed, it will always be "1918" to Yankee fans and we will always suck to them.

Keep chanting "1918" because lyrically and melodically it stands as the superior utterance with a sing-song delivery that imparts the best of Yankee creativity and cleverness.

"Yankees Suck" comes across as an ignorant barroom chant complete with an expletive and delivered as an assumed statement of fact. Adult Yankee fans with kids can let their little fans chant "1918;" Can Sox fans with kids say the same about “Yankees Suck”?

Chant "1918" because you are arrogant, superior Yankee fans.

Chant "1918" because the world did not end in 2004 or 2007.

Chant "1918" because it is still the ultimate insult to "them"

As a matter of fact, Yankee fans care so little about "them" they have decided to ignore 2004 and 2007, reclaimed the title to restore order to the baseball world, and reimplement a new version of an old curse.

Chant "1918" because the world was reclaimed in 2009.

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