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No wonder their sox are red, they're commies!

Yes, that's right.

The Red Sox and their fans are all communists.

They should change the name from Red Sox Nation to The People's Republic of Fenway. Team apparatchiks have spread Sox doctrine and propaganda far and wide, with party members entrenched in democratic cities and societies nation wide.

It is a safe bet that only Yankee fans are reading this as there is no way anyone can ever fathom the thought that Yankee fans can be a communist as communism and Yankee fandom are totally incompatible on every level.

George M. Steinbrenner the 3rd - actually born on the 4th of July - was the very living and breathing definition of capitalism. Yankee fans, often accused of possessing an arrogant well funded disposition and overpowering sense of entitlement, certainly possess no Marxist tendencies

The Yankee Clipper was not called the Yankee Commie for a reason and the Red Sox annual quest for ring can actually be called The Hunt for Red October with absolute certainty.

The Cincinnati Reds are not commies even though they are red, primarily because they do not have full disinformation and brainwashing campaigns in effect, nor do they possess a propaganda office and extensive network of operatives constantly seeking converts. The Red Sox don't have fans, they have commissars designed to make sure no one strays from party ideology.

Look at Red Square itself (the area around Fenway Park ) and all those alleged institutions of higher learning merely a hammer and sickle's throw away. Every one of those colleges, universities, institutions or schools is nothing more than an indoctrination center welcoming the naive and clueless into the party. Once these card carrying "students" (and by card carrying I mean "B" hat wearing) graduate they infiltrate society and businesses nation wide. Wherever they go they launch Red Sox fan blogs that amount to nothing more than Pravda style rags dutifully espousing the party line.

Let's look at the facts. They use the same mass propaganda techniques (the bad posters), revise and rewrite history to suit the party's (sorry, the "team") current viewpoint (remember Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon? All who went from hero of the party to enemy of the state because they defected?).

Red Sox Nation Kremlin (Fenway Park) does not stand as an isolated island of party propaganda. The Red Sox control and influence throughout Boston and all of the WarSox Pact states of New England contain all the Big Brother hallmarks of Communist inspired control. The team is everywhere and permeates every aspect of daily life, posters, signs and the dreaded "B" watch and remind from every angle much like old school Soviet propaganda served the same purpose until communism collapsed in the late 1980's.

The entire Red Sox experience mirrors the bad old days of the communist party in all its dysfunctional glory; the mindless support of the state (or in this case team), the willingness to subjugate individual thought and motivation for the greater good of the team, the obvious communist connection expressed by the color red, and most convincing of all, the new actual red socks to be used by the team.

In New York City, and in certain neighborhoods, Sox commissars actively subvert Yankee influence and act as nothing more than self declared revolutionaries fighting the Evil Empire with painfully sincere cries of "Yankee Go Home!" Except that this is the Yankee's home and the home of their fans as well. It is clear the commissars need to go home, back to the USSR - (Union of Stupid Sox Rejects) and a program of KGB - Keep Going Back should be enacted so it is clear that they are not welcome where Yankee loyalty should go unchallenged and unquestioned.

Why don't they just get it over with and replace that damn B with a little red star.

The good guys always win in the end and to paraphrase the famous Sox commissar and Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev "We will bury the standings!"

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