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October - 2010: After major free agent signings and
surreptitious contract extensions the world finally realizes
that in terms of spending, pursuit of championships, payroll
irrelevance, and an overall “win now” philosophy the
Boston Red Sox are absolutely no different than the Yankees -
except for all that losing and an 86 year Championship draught

Welcom to the Bo$ton Red $ox, Adrian Gonzalez
Meet the new Bo$$ same as the old Bo$$


As a consequence of all that recent spending, the Red $ox have forever revoked the right to posture and pose as underdogs, scrappy
little tough guys, the little team that could, or any other reference designed to evoke a sympathetic, blue collar, working class hero,
team of the people, common man, everybody jump on the bandwagon load of nonsense.

The Red $ox have forever revoked the right to whine about Yankee money – or anybody else's money - from now on. It's easy to understand how the façade has been pulled over fans' eyes for years – the $ox lied about the money and talked like poor relations
for years. It was always clear to anybody who really looked that it was all an act. The $ox had two big things going for them:

  1. A totally gullible and willing fan base that needs to live the dream and believe the myth in order to justify their allegiance to
    their quaint little hometown team and not a multinational corporation; the Old Towne Teame had become Red $ox, Inc and they just can't handle it
  2. An immense propaganda machine that fed the deluded multitudes all manner of branded merchandise, gimmicks, scams, come-ons, road-trips, and thousands of other rip-offs to earn millions of dollars

See, they had the 2 essential ingredients to virtually print money: crap to sell and fools to buy it. And did the fools ever buy it.

One thing Yankee fans did not buy was the tired old Red $ox propaganda about their junior status. There is no denying the New Yorkers
have more money, are worth more, and have the bigger more recognizable brand. In every possible measure the New Yorkers make
more money. We're all cool with that, in large part because we're all totally comfortable with that personna. It's what we do and who
we are. Legend has it that the Monopoly guy's look may even be patterned after old time Yankee owner Jacob Ruppert. Reggie Jackson's signing bonus was a new Rolls Royce. The payroll is in the hundreds of millions. Yankee combined assets are worth over
a billions. A beer alone at Yankee Stadium can cost $12! We're used to it. This is not our first trip to the bank. We're not new to this.

The Yankees are the richest team in baseball and certainly the most valuable. Who really cares who's in second place? They key is
the Yanks and their fans have never acted like anything other than what they are - wealthy in myraid ways. Fans who don't have the
cash have the Championships. The $ox and their financiers act like spoiled little rich kids sent off to Harvard trying to fit in hanging out
in Dorchester or Mattapan – essentially being something they are not – rich pretending to be not so rich. The collar is neither blue nor white, it's green. It used to be the green of envy, but it has morphed into the recognizable and familiar shade of U.S. currency. It's
time to tint the Green Monster with a new hue, perhaps even just paint the entire length of it as a giant $100 bill. That would reflect
current reality with far more accuracy than the standard issue Fenway Park green on display.

For additional proof look at recent events beyond the free agent signings and contract extensions, look to Liverpool, England.
The Red $ox parent company purchased the Liverpool Reds soccer team. About the only thing these teams have in common is the
color Red.

Since we are talking about socccer, it must be noted that once upon a time the Yankees had a deal with Manchester United.

Manchester United are the Yankees of their sport with a similar history, value and tradition. The alliance made sense as both teams possess a championship pedigree and no one needed strain to understand the connection. It was a reciprocal marketing arrangement
as two titans of their respective sports promoted each other in an effort to attract new fans. Overall it was a simple, logical plan.

The Red $ox and Reds plan by comparison makes no sense whatsoever. The Yankees made a deal to try and make money.
The Red $ox bought a soccer team for the purposes of…? Oh…and it cost a lot of money. Money that the Boston baseball club has
been saying for years they did not have and therefore could not keep up with the Evil Empire. It turns out the Boston organization was simply saving its money for new players, nobody had any idea they were going to be soccer players. Yankee fans can revisit the green
of envy from the $ox buy surmising this is yet another attempt to one up the Yankees; the New Yorkers merely partnered with an
English soccer team, but the Red $ox – ah – they bought one!

Perhaps we should explore the possibility it has more to do with color; is it something about the color red as well? Maybe the color -or
as they spell it in Liverpool, colour – is simply enough to part with the greenbacks. Normally, red means stop, but in this case its clear it means spend. So, red leads to green and we have come full circle back to the green angle again (envy & money).

Before $ox fans start whining about how it is actually New England Sports Ventures – owners of the Red $ox and not the $ox
themselves – it must be noted that there is no difference in terms where the cash comes from. The soccer and baseball teams are just accounts at the same bank and the money can go to or from either team. Oh, and just to be clear we're talking about a deal worth $477,000,000. That's right, New England Sports Vultures paid almost half a billion dollars for the Liverpool Reds. Add to that the 2011
Red $ox payroll of almost $163,000,000 and I really don't think you can point fingers at the Yankees and scream about the unfair advantages of the rich. The Yankee payroll topped out at over $206,000,000 to which the Yankees and their fans likely feel deserves a big, “So what?” Of course New England Sports Vultures and the $ox did not show up with suitcases full of cash, nor did the put it on their AMEX card or write a personal check. But they clearly have the financial means to make the deal and honor their commitment. So, they have the money. They've had the money for quite awhile now. Maybe not as much as the Yankee's, but enough to clearly pay on the same field – or as it stands now, fields: baseball, soccer, and the most important of all, banking.

No more whining from the Bank of New England and their depositors (we mean fans) about Yankee money .
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