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There are ten original Rights on the Bill with numerous
amendments added over the years.

The original 10 amendments as drafted and ratified by
the Royal Rooters way back in the day are as follows:

The right to not respect the establishment of fandom to any baseball team from
New York , and so empowered to prohibit the free exercise of rooting for any other
team than the Home team when in Boston and the Visiting team when the Red Sox
are on the road. The freedom of speech, of the press; or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble wearing Yankee gear can be revoked by any member of
the Nation.

Clause for Non Sox fans, Don't even think about petitioning the government for a redress of grievances; you will lose.

The right to a well regulated pitching staff, as it is necessary to the security of
a 1st Place team. The right to criticize effective and ineffective arms shall not
be infringed.

The right to welcome every Red Sox player in times of play or during the off season
to be quartered in my home or ensconced within my local drinking establishment,
without the consent of team ownership, but nor during games against the Yankees
as Sox team members must focus on vanquishing the Evil Empire.

The right to display on one's own person, house, papers, and effects, the famous
“B” logo and are protected against unreasonable search and seizure, shall not be
violated, and no warrants shall be issued upon visits to Yankee Stadium. No probable
cause exists supported by oath or affirmation that particularly describes any place
on Earth where one cannot display their “B.”

Citizens are not required to acknowledge, speak of, defend, explain, witness, testify
to veracity thereof, nor subject themselves to any mention of the historical coincidence previously known as the Curse of The Bambino. No Citizen shall be held to answer for The Curse any longer, even under the indictment of a grand jury. No Red Sox Nation citizen or player need be subject to the same offense twice
especially the implication or revelation of a new or reinstated Curse.

Citizens have the right to a speedy and stress free victory against impartial
opposition both at home and on the road. Their team has the right to provide
for its own defense on the field and citizens have the right to appear as a witness
in their favor at all games.

Citizens possess the right to declare the Red Sox 2004 and 2007 World Championships a fact unimpeachable for its truth. No amount of Yankee fan
whining shall lead to a reexamination of the facts: The Sox won and they lost.
No court, jury or judge can weight the evidence and conclude otherwise

Citizens have the right to not be subject to excessive ticket prices, and shall
not be required to pay excessive prices for Fenway Franks while at the ballpark.

The enumeration in this Bill of Rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage
other rights retained by the Citizens, specifically, the right to support the Bruins,
Celtics and Patriots.

The powers delegated to the Citizens of Red Sox Nation are specifically reserved
for the Citizens of Red Sox Nation; while the area of the United States covered by
Yankee Stadium is not safely ensconced within the Nation, all laws, rights and
rules will so apply to Citizen's appearing on that foreign soil.

Now, we have drafted several post 2004 & 2007 Championship Seasons amendments to the Bill of Rights:

Citizens have the right to gloat; they have earned it. Citizens have the right to rub
it in the faces of others. This right however, does not permit citizens to act like
drunk dummies and tear up their beloved Boston during post game celebrations

The Yankees have the right to suck. Additionally, Citizens have the right to proclaim
loud, long and often the fact that the Yankees Suck. This charming and inoffensive
mantra will always stand as the battle cry.

Yes, in its own unique way, the chant “Yankees Suck” is charming, engaging and possibly even a birthright or possible obligation to those born and bred in New England. It does lose some of its charm when screamed in raging drunkenness during post
game celebrations or commiserations.

Citizens have the right to obsess; to obsess over their team and the Yankees. It is
rare to have an uncontested and pure rival with which to spar, engage in combat or
otherwise rely on to provide a true challenge; however, citizens have the right to turn
on a dime in their appraisal of the team. Citizens have the right to go from love to
loath and back to love again over the course of three pitches.

Citizens have the right to lay claim to their team representing several states, an entire region, a nation, and a state of mind. No other team can claim the level of undying
support the Citizens of the Nation offer the Red Sox. Not even the mighty Yankees
can claim the level of support enjoyed by the Sox. Yankees and their fans often
confuse loyalty, support and dedication (which the Sox enjoy) with brand recognition
(which the Yankees possess).

Citizens posses the right to declare Boston superior to New York simply because it is so.

Just in case the XII Amendment is repealed, this Amendment has been implemented,
also reaffirmining the God given, preordained and destined right to proclaim that the “Yankees Suck” simply because it is so.

Citizens of Red Sox Nation possess the right to invoke the Boggs Clause and
revoke Citizenship in the Nation to any player who betrays them to the Yankees.

Citizens posses the right to sit and revel in the game at what is truly America 's
Favorite Ballpark. The cozy atmosphere and friendly patrons populating Fenway Park combine with history, hope and redemption to offer the single greatest place on
earth to watch what is essentially a kid's game played by grown-up real life heroes.

Citizens reserve the right to manifest destiny concerning Sox Embassies, outposts and base camps that must be established and populated throughout the land including all
the nations of the Earth. The Red Sox are an export, a commodity, a religion and a
way of life to be shared with the world.
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