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The historical accuracy of these claims may be called
into question by certain pinstriped elements.

While we cannot completely authenticate historical accuracy,
considerable circumstantial evidence exists to support the claims.

There is no documented proof they are Red Sox fans, but judging by their behavior they might as well be!

In realm of fiction, it is obvious that Indiana Jones, James Bond and Dirty Harry are Sox fans:

Robin Hood
Most certainly a Sox fan based on that
"Take from the rich and give to the poor" habit he possessed
See a famous Yankee fan rival of Red Sox Robin Hood.

If we turn to the pages of history, we find many likely and a few unlikely members of Red Sox Nation

The Rosetta Stone
Discovered in Egypt in 1799, it actually
contains a Red Sox related surprise!

Joan of Arc
This early Royal Rooter was burned at the stake,
by who else? Yankee fans in 15 th Century France for the
then heretic claims of receiving scores of Sox games from God.

William Shakespeare
Celebrated poet, playwright and author was most obviously
a Sox fan based on his work. Witness the unaltered version
of this famous line: “To “B” or not to “B. There is no question!”

Pocahontas was a Sox Fan.
This Native American Princess was originally
drafted by the Indians and saved early Red Sox
third base coach John Smith. Her relationship
with Smith led to a long term love affair
with the Sox as a batting coach. Legend has it
Pocahontas invented the sacrifice bunt.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
Although known to take in the occasional Washington Senators
game in their day, both were Red Sox fans.

Washington was sworn in as our first president on the steps of Federal Hall
in New York City wearing a B cap. Over the years, Yankee sympathizer historians
have removed the beloved B cap from our first president. Red Sox Nation Founding
Father Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence , the first draft of
which included the immortal words, “When in the course of human events, it becomes
clear the Yankees Suck…”

Nathan Hale
This Revolutionary War patriot was clearly
a Sox fan based on his emotional last words,
“I regret that I have but one life to spend
watching the Yankees Suck.”

Paul Revere
It comes as no surprise that a Bostonian would be a Red Sox fan. What is
surprising is the fact that history has somehow lost the final piece of his
stirring instructions: “One if by land, two if by sea, and three if the Yankees Suck.”

Florence Nightingale
The legendary nurse became a Red Sox fan after
falling in love with the team while treating a
player beaned by a Highlander (later renamed
the Yankees) pitcher during a European exhibition tour.

Abraham Lincoln
He was also partial to the Cubs and - to a lesser extent - the White Sox. Lincoln
was talking about the '77 Yankees when he said, “A team divided against itself
cannot stand.” Lincoln also authored the famous Gettysburg Address and was
forced by Yankee fans in his cabinet to change the first line to its current
incarnation from the original: ” Four score and seven years ago, when the
Yankees first started to suck…"

Alexander Graham Bell
The disputable father of the telephone was a Sox fan and legend has it he
was working on the invention to quickly relay news of Boston victories. He is
credited with speaking the first words uttered over a telephone line when he
accidentally spills battery acid on his clothes and shouts to his assistant,
“Watson, the Yankees Suck!”

Henry Ford
Father of the Model T, auto manufacturer, and Sox fan
who famously stated: “Fans can have any color Sox
they want, as long as they're Red.”

Recognize this: E = RedSox2?
That's right, Albert Einstein was a Sox fan and the dirty little secret
of history is that he did not write that famous letter to President
Franklin Roosevelt regarding development of the atomic bomb; rather,
he implored the President to stop the Yankees, since they sucked.

On a related note,
Franklin Delano Roosevelt later went on to speak
the immortal words,“We have nothing to fear, but
the fear of the Yankees not sucking anymore itself…”

Teddy Roosevelt
While it is a fact Teddy was a real live
native New Yorker, her was also a real
live Red Sox fan and had special
uniforms created for his rough riders
as they charged up San Juan Hill.

Joe Louis
This former World Heavyweight Champion
once uttered these immortal words about
Yankee rooter & opponent Billy Conn:
“He can run, but he can't hide the fact
the Yankees Suck.”

Jacques Cousteau
Undersea explorer and Red Sox fan famous for organizing ocean floor
ballgames between the Calypso Red Sox and the Aquatic Yankees.

Note: Red Sox fan Explore Jacques Cousteau is often confused with Yankee Fan,
Inspector Jacques Clouseau as portrayed by Peter Sellers.
Please don't make the same mistake

Mahatma Gandhi
This pioneer of civil disobedience led peaceful marches
against Yankee imperialism. His refusal to participate in
Yankee sponsored exhibition games by having his team
stand idly by as Yankees ran the bases stands as a
landmark moment in baseball's defiance to the Yankees.

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain
Uttered these immortal words in a famous speech in 1946:
"From White Plains in the North to Sandy Hook due south, a pinstriped curtain
has descended across the region. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the
ancient teams of the national league. The Polo Grounds in Manhattan
and Ebbets Field in Brooklyn . These famous teams lie in what I might call
the Yankee sphere, and all are subject, in one form or another, to
Yankee influence, but to a very high, and in some cases increasing
measure of control from the Bronx ."

It is common knowledge that JFK was a Sox fan.
What is less known is the unedited text of his immortal line:
“Ask not what the Red Sox can do for you, ask what you can
do to make sure the Yankees Suck…

Ronald Reagan
This former President and actor was a Sox fan and
issued this famous challenge to the Soviet Union,
“Mr. Gorbachov, tear down that wall so we can see
how much the Yankees suck more clearly…”

An ancient alternate version of the Old Testament was recently unearthed
after centuries of being hidden on the site of Fenway Park . It would seem
that Himself is a Sox fan and immediately set the tone for all eternity:
“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth and the Red Sox.
On the second day he created the Yankees, and He made them Sucketh

In conclusion, there is no way it can ever remotely be
claimed that Yogi Berra was a Sox fan. We can however,
paraphrase one of his most famous quotes and apply it
here with great glee: “It ain't over ‘til the Yankees Suck…
... so it must be over!”

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