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They are out there walking among us.

They lurk and remain dormant until the bandwagon requires riders.

They have always been there…waiting…watching…gloating…

There is no documented proof that any of the people mentioned below are actual Yankee fans, but judging by their behavior they might as well be…

They stretch all the way back to the beginning and course through history like a polluted river choked with pinstriped arrogance.

They are the famous Yankee fans of history.

The shocking facts about little known Evil Emperors over they years, hiding their pinstripes from the prying eyes of truth seeking Sox fans.

Remember Cain and Abel?
Cain was a Yankee fan who clobbered Abel
because he said, “Yankees Suck.”

The Devil
Essentially a Yankee fan, but can be dealt with on occasion. Otherwise also known as Satan, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, The Prince of Darkness, The Prince of Devils, The Prince of This World, The Prince of the Air, His Satanic Majesty, The Prince of Hell, The Prince of Pandemonium, The (Arch-)Fiend, The Evil One, The Wicked One, The Tempter, The Author of Evil, The Enemy of Mankind, Old Harry, Old Nick, The Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Mr. Scratch, and Beelzebub. They even have their own section at Yankee Stadium – no it's not Box 666 - it's the Owner's Box

Genghis Kahn
Today he is recognized as the father of the Mongol Empire
and one of the greatest military strategists of all time.
Not many people are aware that Ol' Genghis also founded an
extensive minor league system that stretched all the way
from the Burhan Haldun Horde in Mongolia to the
Columbus Clippers in Ohio

Count Dracula
(also known as Vlad the Impaler & Count Overpayer)

This early owner of the Trannsylvannia Yankees is well known for sucking the blood dry from the impressive farm system constructed by Yankee minor league system guru Genghis Kahn to use as trade bait to stockpile overpriced “has been” talent from the Balkan Leagues in an undying quest to build a team of All Stars at every position

King Henry VIII
A Yankee fan and his propensity for changing
wives was the inspiration for George Steinbrenner's
managerial hiring and firing practices.

The Sheriff of Nottingham
Appointed in 1449 as the first General Manager of the
Sherwood Forest Yankees. His constant fear of “player poaching”
by opposing teams led to a permanent state of paranoia that
ultimately led to deteriation of his team at the hands of the
archrival Robin Hood Red Sox

Marie Antoinette
A Yankee fan, famous for declaring
to the peasants of Paris,
“Let them eat $10 hot dogs.”

German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck
The famed Iron Chancellor oversaw the unification of the Bavarian leagues,
but displayed clear favoritism towards the Prussian Yankees and demonstrated
a fondness for their pinstriped leider hosen. A little known fact about the
Iron Chancellor is that he started three games against France in the
Franco-Prussian World Series of 1870 and set a record when he plunked a
record 38,805 French batters. He also possessed a wicked curve ball and
pitched for the Yankees farm club in Sttuartguart.

Benedict Arnold
A Yankee fan who originally began by pledging his loyalty
to the Red Sox. When his contract with the Continental
Army and George Washington expired, he accepted a
deal from the Prussian general Baron Von Steinbrenner
to work for the Yankees.

General George Armstrong Custer

A Yankee fan. Custer eschewed the traditional Yankee/Red Sox rivalry and was
strangely distracted by the then Boston Braves (later the Milwaukee Braves and
currently the Atlanta Braves). Ironically it proved to be the Cleveland Indians
farm team, the Cheyenne Chiefs - managed by Crazy Horse - who proved
to be Custer's downfall during an exhibition game in Montana in 1876 .

Ken Lay (of Enron fame)
If you use the secret decoding formula based on
Enron accounting principles, you simply take:
"y" from Lay, "a" from Lay,
"n" from Enron X2, "K" from Ken,
"e" from Ken, "e" from Enron, add an "s"
What do you have now?
yanKEes – see, it's all in the accounting.

Red Sox Nation has made great inroads in popular culture in the continuing fight against Yankee influence on screen, stage, print and in music. Just like in the real world, the worlds of make believe contain their fair share of “secret” Yankee fans. Again, definitive proof is lacking, but the evidence is indisputable.

Elmer Fudd, Wile E Coyote and Yosemite Sam are all Yankee fans.

The hunter from Bambi
was a Yankee fan.

Plankton from Sponge Bob Square Pants is a Yankee fan

Bruce the shark
from JAWS was
a Yankee fan

Ernst Stavro Blofeld was a Yankee Fan as was Auric Goldfinger; Odd Job was a batboy for Hidecki Matsui

For all you old timers out there, Boris and Natasha as well as Snidley Whiplash are all Yankee fans.

Darth Vader is a Yankee fan

Like magic?
Lord Voldemort is a Yankee fan

Homer Simpson's Boss Mr. Burns
is a Yankee fan as well as loyal
sycophant Waylon Smithers

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