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If you have ever visited Boston , you are familiar with the Freedom Trail, a sidewalk
based guide to history as it happened in the Hub of the Universe.

There is a second and just as compelling Freedom Trail in Boston and it was founded in 2004.

Sox fans freed themselves from the Yankee oppression of Emperor George I and his legions just like their
forefathers broke free of English oppression led by King George III.

The trail is easy enough to pick up even though it is invisible; you will not see it, but it is very much there for you to explore.

Arrive late in the day when the shadows start to reach across the decades and stretch for almost a century. Watch the sun set on
the same ballpark your great grandfather took your grandfather to that you now take his great great grandson to and watch the
current version of what is essentially the “same” team.

Circle the ballpark and walk the Newfound Freedom Trail.

Images from the archives

Start in Kenmore Square

Sox fan's radio in Kenmore Square, October 2004.
The famous Citgo sign in Kenmore Square

Proceed down Brookline

Strolling across the Mass Pike toward Fenway, Spring 2004
Interesting stickers on the guardrails over the bridge on the Mass Pike, October 2004
Looking back towards Kenmore Square and the Citgo sign,
Spring 2004

Pass Landsdowne & make a left onto Yawkey Way

Just before Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS
The famous façade of Fenway Park,
Spring 2004
Yawkey Way,
February, 2003
What used to be Yankee Fan's
favorite Sox Banner, Spring 2004

Seating chart outside souvenir store,
February, 2003
El Tiante, February, 2004
Gate into Fenway, Spring, 2004
Make a left on Van Ness
Van Ness St entrance
Nothing more to say
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