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Yankeeography? Give us a break…please!

Typical Yankee arrogance! Invent a word to describe something they say is uniquely Yankee, but happens to already exist for the rest of the world. Hey
YES network , it's called a biography. Perhaps in the case of the Yankees it should be called a Biogcrappy.

As for the subject of this sort of a biography, his name is Trey Boylston (Trey is short for Tremont) and he lives in Boston . In case you somehow found this page, his page, without first passing through the gateway to this site, you should understand the deal with this particular cyber real estate. This part of the site is his and it resides deep within Red Sox Nation. His
girlfriend's site lives just the other side of this server, but spiritually, it dwells deep within the dark side: she's a Yankee fan.

They do their best to get past that Yankee thing of hers and it's not easy. He believes that someday she'll come around. It may take awhile, but he has faith. As a Red Sox fan, he has a humility, humbleness, and a New England down to earth sensibility that forbids him from ever possessing her level of Yankee arrogance. He loves her, but hates her team, as a matter or fact he knows the Yankees Suck and she knows it, she's just in denial.

He lives and dies with his Sox and you can save the jokes; he stopped dying in 2004. Okay, it's only a few years removed, but you get the point: it's all different now. The dark age has ended.

Yes, a little piece of Sox fans died every season since THAT YEAR , but the jokes stopped in October, 2004 and Trey was honored to
be the first Boyleston in nearly nine decades to witness a Red Sox World Championship. Generations of his family passed the torch and kept the faith during eighty-six years of drought. That builds character. What's the longest Yankee drought, 18 years? A cosmic second compared to what we have endured, to what his family has endured

It isn't all gloom and doom. There is a lot of pride and tradition. He passes under the same entrance his great grandfather strolled through to watch the Sox.

He watches games in the same section his grandfather sat in and when not inside Fenway he sits at the same barstool his dad sat at in the
Cask & Flagon . Someday, Trey Junior will pass under that same entrance, sit in that section and have a few cold ones at the Cask. His contribution to this ancestral parade? Little junior's first words will be “Yankees Suck”. He;s certain Madison may have other opinions, but they both know for sure that he's not going to mutter “1918” since it is now ancient history. And despite the propaganda over on Madison 's site, no Sox fan really one cares at all about “2093.”

In terms of years and time, age-wise, Trey rests uncomfortably between thirty and forty and for awhile he seemed to have had a knack for being in the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time. That all ended in October 2004.

He was very very young, but he was at Fenway for the Bucky Dent game.

Little Trey also sat through all four games of the Boston Massacre in September, 1978.

His parents took him on a family trip to the House That George Bought in July 1984 and watched Dave Raghetti no hit the Sox; with Wade Boggs making the last out.

Trey managed to catch two playoff games at Fenway in '99, but missed the game where the Rocket got shelled and lost to Pedro, but he caught the two games where the Sox were beaten more by the umpires than the Yankees.

He was at Fenway (with Madison ) for the Zimmer game when Pedro tossed the old coot like a salad.

He sat in the left field seats (again with Madison ) as Aaron Boone's homerun plopped into the seats a few rows away.

During a typical classic game on July 1st , during the 2004 season – the game where Jeter showboated his way into the stands – he sat with Madison just about three or four feet away from Jeter as he lunged into the seats. A lot of big dopey Yankee fans dove for the ball and Jeter as Trey caught a beer shower and was knocked out of his seat by some Yankee lard asses. He was drenched in beer and knocked around pretty good. Madison said he was asking for it by sitting there in his Sox cap and jersey, but hey, until
the Steinbrenners have their way
and outlaws freedom of expression, it is still legal in the Bronx; legal, but unsafe.


Are you thinking, “He's a loser!”?

Not so fast.

Yep, He was at the first three games of the 2004 ALCS. And he was at Games 4, 5, 6 and 7. He was very much at Game 7. In some ways he will always be at Game 7. Every real Red Sox fan, regardless of their length of service to the Nation will always be at Game 7. It was deliverance and salvation. It made everything that came before it obsolete and forgettable.

It was worth it.

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